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At Birri We Write an Honest Review On Office Equipment

Birri photocopier lease reviews, although we at Birri sell photocopiers we still believe in reviewing the market and giving an honest review of other companys who are not in direct competition with us so you the client may have and be able to make a more informed descision on your choice of service provider. There are four major players within Australia for photocopiers and we believe that in general one of these four should be your go to provider for a photocopier machine.

  • Sharps
  • Kyocera
  • Richo
  • Fuji Xerox

Sharp has been around for over 20 years and provide a high end crystal clear photocopier machine the colour images are amazing however our experience has been a lot of breakdowns and regular maintanance in the machines. The drums are one of the lowest lasting in the marrket with the average rating only lasting for 60,000 impressions. We love all of the four provided above and are offering a real opinion based on client feedback our experience and nothing else. A photocopier can be a massive investment for any business and we want you the client to get your choice of provider right ensuring a great well run office.

Kyocera is a new player to the game and in many ways have been playing catch up. There pricing is the best in the market and claim to have the best scanning solutions in market at the moment. There technology has evolved a lot in the last 3 years with there new Taska ALfa range and client feedback has been phenominal.

Richo have been around for nearly as long as Fuji the major issue with Ricoh is they charge per page for scanning where as most copier companies do this for free.

Fuji- Fuji have been around for over 40 years and boast the most crystal clear images available in industry. Customer complaints are high and generally aimed at high costing and low service provider care.