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About Us Birri Copiers Australia

At Birri we consider our services elite, we were set up in 1999 with the idea of providing Australian’s with a very descisive third party assesment on office equipment.

Since then we have helped thousands of Australian businesses with finding the best sources and leases in office supplies in Australia. With a firm belief in giving the general public high value for money we are constantly striving to make your deal better and more honest.

How do we do this?

  • We take in and listen to your needs
  • We review your quotes
  • We look at your lease

Most sales agents are on commission and it is in there best interest to achieve the highest sales price as so they can receive a high commision.

With most little agents there recommended retail price is not capped and all have the ability to charge whatever they like. This is where we step in and provide you the client with the recommended market price for your office equipment.

We believe in old school values, honesty, integrity, high quality service and above all a great deal.

We always recommend getting three quotes and negotiating a better price than what you have originally received. Office equipment is a tough market and there is generally very good margins for suppliers. Meaning if your willing to negotiate you would be surprised at how low you can get the price down.

If your keen for an amazing experience call us today. We have been doing this for over 18 years and consider ourselves experts in office equipment from photocopiers to land lines to business broadband we can cater to whatever your questions maybe. In large businesses it is not uncommon to hear and receive quotes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We know we can help and above all we want to help.